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Katie Riley Music

~ Some Cool Stuff ~

2012 - Received Specialist Certificate in Music Theory from Berklee College of Music

2014 - Released debut recording: “Katie Riley EP” 

2014 - Rockwall’s Got Talent Top 10 Finalist

2014 - Semifinalist in Dallas Songwriter’s Association Song Contest "Isaiah Song"

2015 - Semifinalist in SongofTheYear2014 Contest

2015 - DSA Song Contest: 3rd Place in Pop for "Dry Bones," Semifinalist in Gospel for "I Believe"

    My name is Katie Riley and I’m a Christian singer-songwriter from the Dallas, Texas area. I write about life, faith, and overcoming trial. Since 2013, I’ve been jamming at local coffeehouses with my sister. With my guitar and ukulele mixed with her violin, we have a pretty cool twist on the classic acoustic sound. 

    Growing up, music was always very special to me. It was a source of encouragement, an outlet for worship, and even at times a means of conviction. Now normally, this is where I would tell you how I wrote my first song at 3 years old and became our church worship leader at 7... But that’s not what happened. No, I began my artistic journey at the not-so-young age of nineteen. I had already graduated high school. I was working full time in an administrative position. And I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Having taken piano for several years, I always liked to sit and tinker with the keys. Well one day, that tinkering turned into a song. Or more like a prayer. Just something between me and God. Well as you might expect, a few years went by and I had written several more. And now I knew God was wanting me to share them with other people. (***Brief Backstory Note: For my entire life, my two main struggles have been with Fear and Pride. yea - that’s a great mix for someone who’s looking at a Very Public hobby) Well I tried ignoring Him, but that didn’t work. And eventually I found myself trembling on a coffeehouse stage, singing songs no one had ever heard before. And i was hooked. Slowly, this outrageous dream began developing in which I could actually do this for a living. But again, I fought it. I remember debating with God and explaining all the ways I could fail and become self-absorbed. I had learned a great deal about the music industry by this point and how artist-focused it is. “The Artist Is the Product” “Sell The Product” “Brand Yourself”

How can I bring glory to God if I’m the product?
And the answer came:
You are NOT the product. You are just the packaging. 

    I’m still amazed by this statement. I’m just the wrapper. My job is simply to be noticed and then torn away to reveal the real product: God. So now I’m pursuing this dream head-on. My hope is that this music will impact you in the same way it has always impacted me - by drawing me close to the One it’s all about. 

~ Musical Influences ~

Steven Curtis Chapman, Twila Paris, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Nichole Nordeman, Newsboys, 
Britt Nicole, BarlowGirl, Francesca Battistelli, Addison Road